Petit Bot Triathlon

Date: 26th June 2022
Time: 07:00
Event: Petit Bot Triathlon
Location: Petit Bot
Type: Triathlon
Run Map:
Bike Map:

One for the hill lovers.....


800m lapped swim with Aussie exit (and stones on the beach!), 15mile hilly bike, 4m hilly off road run. 



 Bike Course As Follows:

Up Petit Bot road Forest side & pass airport.

Left to pass Mallard and continue to Imperial junction (care) turn right to Cup and Saucer.

Right up Coudre and follow to church and St Peters Filter junction (care).

Left down L'eree Hill, left at L'eree Hotel to Imperial

Left up Pleinmont Hill and return to Mallard junction (care) right turn to return to transition. 



Hilly and off road run route starts to rise from the off, up Petit Bot road St Martin's side, turning left after hairpin bend up water lanes then following mainly off road route within the wider Petit Bot valleys (needs some practice if you don't know it). Off road, rough, challenging run - take care.

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Ana Leaf Foundation


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