One Off Winter Duathlon December 2017

Date: 17th December 2017
Time: 08:00
Event: Winter Sprint Duathlon
Location: Pembroke Bay, Vale
Type: Duathlon
Contact Name: Andrew McArthur
Contact Email:
Run Map:
Bike Map:

Sprint distance One-Off winter Duathlon to close down 2017 multi-sport style. 

1.5 mile run, 9 mile bike, 1.5 mile run.

Courses will be kept simple.

Run the Pembroke tip circuit, starting at Transition area, back road to the Chouet tip junction, left turn to pass Chouet kiosk and continue to Pembroke Cross Roads, Left turn to return to transition. Keep to the left side of the road as much as possible and use the path to the left of the road where available for safety from Chouet kiosk to Pembroke cross roads. 

Bike out to Pembroke Cross roads, left to Keyprice bus turning point, turn into and then out of bus turn point, return to Pembroke cross roads, left turn to Vale Church Filter, right turn (no marshal) to Lislet junction, right turn (no marshal) to Grandes Rocques bus turn point, right turn (no marshal) into bus turning point around grass triangle, left turn at yellow line to return towards Vale Church passing through Lislet again but turning before Vale Church to pass Cote des Ammareurs playground, left turn at Donkey Divers junction and return to transition. 

Run 2 - repeat of run one! 

Take care on the bike, our policy of no marshals is designed to make you race with a sensible head on, you know there aren't marshals at junctions, normal rules of the road apply to you and everyone else. This is designed to keep you safe! 





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Ana Leaf Foundation


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