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TRIBE - Junior Tri Club

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Guernsey's Junior Triathlon offering is delivered through Tribe Junior Triathletes. 


Weekly training sessions are held March to July, and September to November at St Sampsons High.  

Ages 6-13 train 4.15pm - 5pm

Ages 13+ train 5.15pm - 6pm


Each session focuses on one discipline (swim, bike, run, transition) with mini events held every 6 weeks. Ages 6-13 coaching is delivered by Amy Critchlow & Laura Fry. Ages 14+ Amy Critchlow & Thierry Le Cheminent. 

All children must be able to swim at least 25m unaided and ride a bike unaided.

The club race calendar will include options for those children aged 14+.

To find out how you or your child can get involved, please contact us via and follow our Facebook Group. Guernsey Juniors Facebook Group



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