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Sun, 11 Sept


GY3 5BY, Guernsey

Granite Man 2022

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Granite Man 2022
Granite Man 2022

Time & Location

11 Sept 2022, 19:00

GY3 5BY, Guernsey

About the Event










Race rules

Normal   race  rules  apply  in  line  with  the  British  Triathlon   Federation handbook. Wetsuits are recommended but  NOT compulsory.  Cycle helmets must be fastened before un-racking the bike,  worn  throughout the bike leg, and not unfastened and removed until the bike  is racked back in transition. Granite  Man  is  a  non-drafting  race   ("draft busters" will  be  patrolling  the  bike course  and  are   under  instruction  to  issue enforce the 'two foot' down rule for  first offence, and 10 minute time penalty for second offence if you are  considered to be drafting).  Persistent offenders will be disqualified.

In matters of dispute, the Race Director's decision will be final


For  safety reasons, competitors are prohibited from using IPod’s (or  similar) at  any stage during the race. Failure to comply with this rule  will result in disqualification.

Race withdrawal

If  you withdraw from the race at any point please inform a time-keeper or  other race official.  It is extremely important that we are aware of all  competitors’ whereabouts due to the length of the course.


There  will  be   canoe  cover  for the swim and the club first aid officer  will be in attendance. There will  be  marshals  on  the  bike  and  run  courses, but the  roads remain open to the public and, as such, normal  rules of the road apply.

You  cannot rely upon the marshals to stop traffic for you. Correct  navigation of the course is a competitors responsibility regardless of  marshals.


There are no showers available at transition after the race, but the sea is free!

Sun cream

Please make sure you have sun cream as there will be none available at the event and we have ordered a sunny day!

In  the unlikely event that the sun doesn't shine, no refunds will be  issued, but the sea breeze still means it is very easy to get burnt!

Time restrictions for Middle Distance competitors

For  your own safety we have set time limits, within which the three parts  of the race must be completed. If you are outside these time limits, the  Race  Director  and/or other Race Officials reserve the right to remove  competitors  who  they believe could present a danger to themselves or  others.

Individual times   Cumulative times

Swim – 1 hour          Swim – 1 hour

Bike – 4 hours           Bike – 5 hours

Run – 3 hours          Run – 8 hours

Time restrictions for Sprint competitors

There  are no time restrictions on the sprint race, we expect that you will  all finish well ahead of the middle distance competitors.

Toilets for competitors

The   nearest  toilets  to  the  transition area are next to the Beach House  Café at Pembroke. Toilet locations have also been marked on the course  maps in case  they are needed during the race.


There  is free all day parking close to the transition area.  There are a  choice of 3 car parks along Pembroke Bay.  The furthest, but largest,  car park is to the right hand side of the Beach House café as you are  facing the bay, the next is to the left of the Beach House café  immediately facing you as you arrive at the  bay  and the smallest (and   closest) is  next  to  registration,  further  to  the  left  of  the   bay.  We  would strongly encourage athletes and supporters to use the  first two car parks away from transition to ease congestion  on  the   day  and  to  permit  free  movement  of  Race Officials'/emergency  vehicles.


Spectators   are particularly  welcome  to watch  the event  and  enjoy  the  beach   at Pembroke.    There is a Café at Pembroke Bay, "The Beach  House",  which serves drinks and food all day.

The Green Beach Hut at the top of the slipway will also likely be open for tea, coffee and light snacks.

We hope to have a mobile coffee van on site for the day, other concessions for food may be available at transition.

There are public toilets in the building situated next to the Beach House.

The  best viewing spots  have been highlighted  on all the course  maps and  have been posted on the  website.  The Middle Distance bike and run   courses  both  consist  of  2  laps, thus  ensuring  that  there  will   be  plenty  of opportunities to cheer on competitors.


A full set of results will (hopefully) be available on the day of the race.

We  are using chip timing at Granite Man this year, all competitors will be  issued loan chips for this event only, it is important that these are  worn on the left lower leg (ankle), taken off at the end of the race and  returned immediatly to race organisers. A bin will be provided for this  purpose and an extra 'goodie' issued to all returns. Please don't  wander around over timing mats after you have finished whilst still  wearing your timing chip!

Please  check all your details  and  make  the  Race  Director  aware  if  any   details  appear  incorrect.

A provisional result list will be posted on the website, with competitors having 72 hrs to raise any queries.

Withdrawal requests must be received via email to during the following time frames in order to be eligible for a partial refund:

· until 4 months prior to race day: 50% refund of the entry fee

· until 45 days prior to race day: 25% refund of the entry fee

· after 45 days to race day: no refund


The deferral option is available to athletes that registered within 90 days of general entries opening. All deferral requests must be received via email to

Relay Team Transfer & Changes

A)  A transfer from a Relay Entry to an Individual Entry within the same  race is possible until ten days prior race day (ATTENTION: only one  Relay member may transfer). The price difference between the entries  will not be refunded.

B)  A transfer from an Individual Entry to a Relay entry within the same  race is possible until ten days prior race day unless the Relay entries  are sold out. The upgrade for the Relay Entry price + applicable  Processing fee will be charged during the transfer.

C) Up to two team members can be changed until ten days prior race day.


The  organisers cannot  be held  responsible  for competitors' property   lost, stolen or damaged before, during or after this event.  In  entering this event you declare that you are eligible to compete as an  amateur. You understand that  neither  the  sponsors  nor  the   organisers  Guernsey Triathlon Club LBG (either   collectively  or  as  individuals) shall be liable for any loss, damage  or  injury which you  may suffer or which might arise directly or indirectly as a result of  the race, and whether or not caused wholly or partly by the fault, or  negligence, of any of the sponsors

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