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Club Roles

Guernsey Triathlon - Committee Roles 2023 - 24

President: Emily Squire

  • Be available as the public representative and spokesperson of the Club;

  • Chair all Committee meetings and Extraordinary meetings in the absence of the Secretary;

  • Report on the activities of the Club to the Annual General Meeting;

  • Chair the Appeals Committee as set out in [clause what?] of the Constitution;

  • Assist Committee members in the execution of their duties;

  • Liaise with Committee and Club members to seek input and decisions regarding the development of the Club and its activities;

  • Develop a Club Development Plan and review on a bi-annual basis;

  • Liaise with Triathlon England, local authorities, venues and other organisations as necessary, to make representations or arrangements on behalf of the Club;

  • Direct and support the Club in achieving its purpose, as defined in the Club Constitution, and ensure that it has policies and procedures in place to enable it to operate to a high standard.

  • Is a member of the Governance Sub-Group

  • Supervise Events and Training/Coaching Sub-Groups

Secretary: Benn Garnham

  • Chair all Committee meetings and Extraordinary meetings;

  • Give notice of all Committee Meetings, the Annual General Meeting and Extraordinary meetings, together with an appropriate agenda;

  • Record the proceedings of all such meetings and document them as Minutes;

  • Distribute copies of Minutes to the Club membership via the website and arrange for these to be stored on the Dropbox;

  • Deal with correspondence and handle all administrative matters for the Club including annual memberships of governing bodies;

  • Notify Club members promptly of any appointment, resignation or removal of members of the Committee;

  • Advise all Club members of any proposed changes to the constitution;

  • Inform Triathlon England if the Club ceases to operate, or is to be dissolved, and in doing so present a final statement of accounts (to be provided by the Treasurer);

  • Maintain relationship with Triathlon Scotland and ensure that information about the Club held by that organisation is up to date;

  • Seek nominations for Committee roles as needed and oversee the nomination process at the AGM. 

Treasurer: David Moseley 

  • Keep proper records of the Club’s financial transactions in accordance with current accepted accounting rules and practices;

  • Implement control procedures to minimise the risk of financial exposure;

  • Approve any expenditure on the request of the Committee (when agreed by the Committee);

  • Ensure that bills are paid and funds are banked in accordance with control procedures;

  • Regularly inform the Committee of the Club’s financial situation;

  • Make all records, procedures and accounts available on request to the Committee;

  • Prepare annual accounts to 30 September each year – these accounts should be approved by the Committee and signed by the President no later than 21 days after the Annual General Meeting;

  • Present annual accounts to the Club at the Annual General Meeting;

  • Management of Club grants;

  • Issue invoices and receipts;

Welfare Officer: Amy Critchlow

  • Ensure that advice and assistance is available to Club and Committee members for both personal and Club-related matters;

  • Responsible for the implementation of good practice and Adult /  Child Protection policies within the Club.

  • Is a member of the Governance Sub-Group


Membership Secretary: Magda Murphy 

  • Welcome new members;

  • Maintain a database of all Club members;

  • Respond to enquiries from prospective members; 

  • Oversee the administration of new memberships and timing chip allocation;

Club Coaching team : Alan Rowe, Amy Critchlow & Laura Fry

  • Responsible for coaching standards and content;

  • Provide a structure within which individual coaches can plan and deliver sessions with agreed coaching points;

  • Ensure coaches are working to an acceptable level of quality and with a common approach;

  • Set annual structure for coaching delivery;

Equipment Coordinator: Nathan Ward

  • Arrange storage of Club-owned equipment;

Club Kit Organiser: Alan Rowe / Nathan Ward

  • Facilitate Club kit orders via approved supplier;

  • Notify Club members when the order window for kit is open;

  • Liaise with members / committee regarding kit design, subject to Committee approval.

Communications / Web / Partnerships  Coordinator: Claire Allen

  • Champion internal communications with Club members;

  • Share initiatives and celebrate what we do as a club;

  • Encourage members to use the Club’s social media channels;

  • Develop the Club’s brand and image and oversee its use in all social media and other communications.

  • Negotiate Club membership discounts with retailers and suppliers;

  • Negotiate Club membership discounts for race entries;

  • Maintain relationships and sponsors and partners;


Social Convenor: Adele Perrot

  • Manage a budget (in agreement with the Treasurer) to facilitate Club social activities;

  • Make all necessary arrangements for social functions of the Club;

  • Notify all Club members of the social programme, and submit the programme to the Webmaster for inclusion on the website;

  • Advertise social activities to Club members via Facebook & website

  • Submit invoices for payment of social functions to the Treasurer within 14 days of the social function;

  • Seek nominations for the Club’s annual awards and organise the voting.

  • Is a member of the Club Profile Sub-Group

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  • Instagram
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