Friday 29th January 2016
This year's Herm swim will be ON!  Limited to twelve places only. Primary date is 15/7. High tide at 16:01hrs @7.1 Mtr. 18:00 swim start.Back up is 13/8 High @6.8 Mtr start at 17:00 Once again you will need to qualify.  This will mean coming along to do a swim on a Friday AND finishing the Havalet - Fermain - Havalet swim.  I will make sure there are 2 opportunities to do the long one.  You will also need to have a kayaker to provide you with safety cover.  You also...
Thursday 27th March 2014
NO HERM SWIM PLACES LEFT - please contact emma to put your name on the reserve list This years tri club swim to Herm has been provisionally set for Wednesday 20 August at 5.40PM. Unfortunately due to the tides we have had to go with a mid week swim this year but this was the best compromise we could find. We are also limiting the swim to 20 people. This is for safety and logistical reasons. To give everyone a fair chance to enter, entries will officially open on Wednesday 2nd April. The first...
Sunday 1st September 2013
  Message from Emma: Firstly, congratulations to everyone who took part today.  What an amazing result!  Good conditions and everyone seemed to enjoy their swim.  Result! Thank you all for your kind emails and words.  It was a pleasure to organise and witness the final result today, if a little nerve racking at times.  Mark, Jackie and I have been working on this event since Easter but the original idea email was dated almost a year ago.  A big thank you to...
Saturday 31st August 2013
Not an easy decision this evening! Mark and Emma met this evening with a few others to see the start of the Guernsey Swimming Club Herm swim, which was not started due to the stronger wind today evening and rougher than wanted sea conditions. Mark spoke with Naomi from swimming club who agreed that it was a difficult call, but also thought conditions could improve overnight and wished us luck.Conditions are expected to improve overnight with the wind veering to NE force 3 - 4 and sea...
Sunday 26th May 2013
  Please note a change of date for the proposed Herm swim by one day to Sun. 1st Sept 2013. 6.30am start. There are no further places available for the herm swim. Further details have been added to the events page.  Practice Swims Practice swims will be held on a Friday evening, where the weather and tides will allow. It is expected that all prospective Herm swimmers are able to complete at least three of the four the practice swims, including the last one to prove their ability to...
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