Successful Herm Swim


Message from Emma:
Firstly, congratulations to everyone who took part today.  What an amazing result!  Good conditions and everyone seemed to enjoy their swim.  Result!
Thank you all for your kind emails and words.  It was a pleasure to organise and witness the final result today, if a little nerve racking at times.  Mark, Jackie and I have been working on this event since Easter but the original idea email was dated almost a year ago. 
A big thank you to our Herm expert, Jackie.  Her help and advice as been invaluable in helping to organise this.  
A massive thank you once again to all our guard boats and kayakers.  We really wouldn't be able to run these events without you.  Especially an extra big thank you to Elliot who literally stepped in at the very last moment to help kayak for Aivis and Jess.
A final big thanks to Mark, for putting up with me.  I can be a bit of a pain at times!
Now I know this wasn't a race (as many of you have been telling me).  For some of you it was to achieve a certain time, others to beat friends but for many it was the overall achievement (but I imagine you still all want the stats): HERE
From Garmin, some of the 'alternative' routes people took getting to herm.....!

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