Proposed Herm Swim 2014

NO HERM SWIM PLACES LEFT - please contact emma to put your name on the reserve list

This years tri club swim to Herm has been provisionally set for Wednesday 20 August at 5.40PM.

Unfortunately due to the tides we have had to go with a mid week swim this year but this was the best compromise we could find.

We are also limiting the swim to 20 people. This is for safety and logistical reasons.

To give everyone a fair chance to enter, entries will officially open on Wednesday 2nd April. The first 20 entries received on this date or thereafter will gain a place. We will have a reserve list (which was fully utilised last year) and priority will be given to those that attend the most qualifying swims. 

Please email Emma Nicolle to register your interest on the 2nd April.

The dates for qualifying swims will follow shortly. However everyone will be expected to attend 3 out of 4 swims:

Swims provisionally set, subject to change / confirmation dependant on tides and weather conditions

Swim 1 - Fort Grey to Portelet and back (1.5k approx.)
Swim 2 - Pembroke (1.9k approx)
Swim 3 - Cobo to Vazon (2.5k approx)
Swim 4 - Havelet to Fermain and back (5k approx)

You will be expected to provide your own escort boat (kayak) and cannot swim without one.

If anyone can help out with rescue / larger safety craft / kayaking or offer any other help to Emma please let us know. 
Any questions about Herm swim please email Emma Nicolle who is coordinating;
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