Guilbert is Super –Sprint Duathlon Winner

 Island Games triathlon team member Bob Guilbert played a tactical game in last Sunday’s Guernsey Triathlon Club’s super sprint Duathlon held at Les Ammareurs sponsored by the Ana Leaf Foundation.  Having been out in the front for most of the race he sat on Tim Andrew’s shoulder in the final 1 mile run before making his decisive break for the finish with quarter of a mile to spare.


27 competitors lined up in near calm conditions to take on the super sprint format of a 1 mile run, 6 mile bike, 1 mile run, 6 mile bike 1 mile run race.  The first two runs took competitors out to Woodies café from the play park before returning to transition with the final run heading in the opposite direction towards L’Islet with each of the two bike legs heading from transition to Grandes Rocques before returning to transition.  A tailwind on the way out made it a slog for most on the way back.


The first run saw Guilbert, the fast improving novice Lloyd Wallbridge and Tim Andrews make an immediate split from the main field with all three hitting T1 in that order.  Exiting transition together, Guilbert and Andrews broke away from Wallbridge early on in the first bike leg..


Wallbridge was overtaken by Sam Da Kooker in each cycle leg but reeled him back in each run section.  The final leg saw Andrews and Guilbert running together before Guilbert made his decisive break and took the win by 14 seconds.  Andrews was happy to give Guilbert a run for his money and also taking two and a half minutes off of last years time for the same event in the process. 


De Kooker hit the final run knowing he was likely to be reeled in by Wallbridge yet again and that he was.  Nick Mann was 5th.  Despite a number of the islands top duathletes taking a break today due to holidays and also illness, Wallbridge should be delighted with a credible time in only his second duathlon outing.


Guilbert was happy with his win, “It went very well, I was interested to see where my fitness was as this was my first race back after winter training. I went out hard on the first run and was closely followed by Lloyd. We were caught in transition as Tim opted to leave his trainers on to save time. Tim and I exchanged the lead a few times over the remaining two bike legs and the second run. I knew quite early that it was going to be between the two of us, provided we could avoid any accidents, and I thought that if I could get to transition before the final run at the same time as him I’d back my running speed. I managed to do that and have enough in the tank to go clear”.


“It was quite a tactical race and a great opener to my season”.


Andrews was pleased too, “Light winds and clear skies meant that this was always going to be a fast race. The start, as always was brutally fast and Bob opened up a little gap. Thankfully this race is all about transitions and Bob chose to change between cycling and running shoes however I stuck to my trainers.


Both rides were really competitive with both of us swapping places frequently in a battle for the edge. After the second ride I tried to shake him but he hung on and we went out on the run together.


Out to the turn point & back to the last hill Bob sat on my shoulder & I wondered if this was it but then he was gone in a cloud of dust – a great tactician.


An individual battle was great fun and I took 2:30 off last year’s time so I’m happy that the winter training is coming through”.


Wallbridge was happy to take a podium spot in his second duathlon.  “I really enjoyed today and I knew I could keep with the top runners for the 1st mile so I just kept on Bob’s heels knowing he would lose me on the bike legs.  I lost my 3rd place on the return leg of the first bike leg by the Houmet Tavern but knew I could claw Sam back no worries. I went past him on the second run but lost him again on the final bike leg near Ronez so I was worried I wasn't going to be close enough to catch him on the  final run but when I came into transition I saw him so thought I could do it. I'm very pleased with 3rd place on my 2nd duathlon ever and especially as I struggled with the head wind on each return leg.  I'm looking forward to the next race as off road running is what I prefer and I have a new bike ready too so now is the time to get more bike training done”.


In a depleted women’s field Island Games team member Magda Puzio was feeling somewhat under the weather having just recovered from illness leaving Jenny Keeping to take her first win in Duathlon.  Jenny said, “"I have been travelling for the last year - with no sign of bikes or running tracks - and have jumped straight back into full time training and racing. These smaller, sprint races are not usually my favourite but this one turned out to be great fun. This duathlon started strong and ended strong for me. It's great to know that all the hard work is paying off."


The next race is the popular Resevoir Duathlon combining 2 off road runs and a 12 mile hilly bike route.

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