The Drafting Rules explained




OK, After more complaints / comments during the early 2013 season I've tried to find a sensible solution for 

Guernsey Tri. 

Given our narrow roads, short courses and traffic on the course being the norm in Guernsey

i've looked at the below example as a good solution for Guernsey Tri.

The normal draft box in UK Triathlon is 7 metres long in short course racing. 10 metres long in long course. 

What do you think? Will the below work best in Guernsey? 

What is Drafting ?
If you are riding within 5 meters of someone's back wheel, you are drafting
If your are riding next to someone, within 2 metres, you are drafting
If you are riding next to someone and not overtaking them, you are blocking

You are allowed 15 seconds in someone's draft zone while passing, but you must be passing - no lingering

Once you are passed, you must drop back out of the draft zone before overtaking the person who passed you

You are considered 'passed' when another competitor's front wheel is ahead yours. At that point you must drop back.

Answers on a postcard please (ok email then!)



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