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We are pleased to announce that our athlete nomination document has been agreed with the Guernsey Commonwealth Games Association. The criteria outlines how athletes will achieve nominations to the GCGA for selection for Birmingham 2022. Josh Lewis is currenlty the only athlete competing at Commonwealth Games level and the club look forward to supporting him with his qualification and at Birmingham 2022.

Guernsey Triathlon: XXI Commonwealth Games, Birmingham Consideration Criteria


The GCGA rules state that in order for athletes to be selected to represent Guernsey at the Birmingham Commonwealth Games, they must be able to perform at the highest standards. The standards (criteria) below outlines consideration criteria for the Guernsey Triathlon Team in accordance with GCGA Qualifying standards and Criteria outlined in Appendix A.


All triathletes wishing to be considered for qualification for the XXI Commonwealth Games, Birmingham Team must be members of the Guernsey Triathlon Club and the respective British Triathlon Home Nation in both 2020, 2021 & 2022.


BACKGROUND The XXI Commonwealth Games, Birmingham continues with the sprint format triathlon a distance of 750 metre swim, 20 kilometre bike and 5k run. This moves away from the familiar Standard or Olympic distance of 1500 metre swim, 40k bike, 10k run. The effect will be that the race will be fast and furious and likely to be won in around 50 minutes. The cycle section of the event will be ‘draft legal’ meaning that cyclists will group and gain advantage from other riders working on a tight street circuit.


The lead group will likely contain the main medal contenders, those who are most proficient in the swim section, any groups forming behind the lead group will work hard to catch the lead group, whilst that lead group must work hard to maintain or increase their lead. The better runners will want to preserve their legs on the bike for the run section. The race will therefore likely be a highly tactical affair.


To summarise, a successful athlete must be a top class swimmer, be able to handle a bike well in a group and then put on in very fast 5 kilometre run. Most top level UK domestic competition is held over the popular Standard / Olympic distance and on a non- drafting bike format so qualification / consideration for Gold Coast requires a complete change of race format and distance for our athletes.


Consideration Criteria It is the intention of Guernsey Triathlon to only send athletes who are well capable of finishing within 2.5% of the winning time or top 16 placing at the Birmingham Games. Due to the effect of Covid on the 2020 race calendar is currently unknown, we don’t know how the cancellation of the race season will affect elite athletes globally and therefore affect times. We have based criteria on our athletes 2020 training data and performance improvements as well as looking at times from the last games.


Sprint distance Elite level racing finishing positions based on time are extremely close. At this time Guernsey does not have any female athlete nor any paratriathletes wishing to gain selection, nor are any of those locally qualified athletes of a standard close enough to be considered.


In the interest of time savings this document will therefore only deal with the male selection criteria for the male Sprint distance race.

Swim. We will set a measured 750 meter pool based swim test time. The agreed consideration criteria time for the pool based swim will be 9 minutes 5 seconds.

Run. A 5 kilometre run test time to be run either on a a measured and confirmed 5k run course, which may be a 5k road race, park run or similar. The agreed consideration time criteria for 5k run will be 15:50 minutes.


In addition to the above; FIRST Consideration standard; Athletes must achieve a top five finish in a minimum of one elite level UK Sprint distance draft legal events during the 2021 UK race season, ending 31 October 2021, or to achieve a finish time within 2 % of the winner’s time in those events.

This percentage equates to 10th place percentage result of the Triathlon competition at the last Games. At the moment due to COVID we are unable to names races. Races will be named when British Triathlon announce their 2021 calendar. Due W/C 16th November 2020.


Josh Lewis our only athlete capable to achieving Commonwealth Games standard is based in Wales and therefore will not be affected by travel restrictions to Guernsey. British Triathlon plan to run a full schedule of events in 2021. Guernsey Triathlon are in contact with British Triathlon Federation to establish further suitable events in order to give our athletes the best possible chance of achieving consideration standards.


SECOND consideration standard; Should athletes fail to achieve a top five finish in the above events or fail to finish within 2% of the winner’s finish time they must achieve a top ten finish place or a time within 4.5% of the winner’s time in those events during the 2021 race season. This percentage equates to 16th place percentage result of the Triathlon competition at the last Games.


Mark Naftel President / Chairman Guernsey Triathlon Club LBG

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