Tuesday 4th August 2020
Well done everyone who took part at the weekend! Race results can be found here: https://my.raceresult.com/155260/results?lang=en Event coverage can be seen on the following: https://www.itv.com/news/channel/2020-08-04/air-bridge-athlete-steals-show-in-guernsey-triathlon-island-games-qualifier?fbclid=IwAR0O70eBRnR5SwftYR7zmac2yAzA1UBb-FaCDtrmK4oelELo-K-WLQSREg8   https://guernseypress.com/sport/2020/08/03/manx-island-games-star-draper-turns-up-the-heat/
Friday 17th July 2020
Results from tonights Swim/Run event!  Well done everyone, thanks to all organisers and helpers. See you at the next one.  
Friday 3rd July 2020
Monday 29th June 2020
GUERNSEY TRIATHLON CLUB CRITERIA FOR ISLAND GAMES TEAM SELECTION – GUERNSEY 2021   Team composition The Island Games rules state that we can select a team of up to 10 athletes of which a minimum must be 2 female and 3 male. The Team will ideally be made up of 5 female and 5 male, provided criteria is achieved by sufficient athletes of each gender, with 1 one athlete of each gender as development athletes should there be suitable candidates.  The development athlete must be 21 years...
Sunday 28th June 2020
Results from The Vazon Surf Tri   https://my.raceresult.com/153915/results?lang=en
Saturday 20th June 2020
Friday 19th June 2020
Friday 12th June 2020
Tuesday 19th May 2020
Following the Covid 19 Pandemic, Lockdown and cancellation of the Jersey Triathlon, the first of our 2021 qualifying events, Guernsey Triathlon have had to review our qualifying criteria for Guernsey 2021.  The exact criteria will be published in due course as we exit lockdown and will be adapted as best we can to local conditions, with  provision also for athletes who are not currently living in Guernsey and may be subjectto self-isolation if they were to travel.  Our current...
Tuesday 19th May 2020
The Guernsey Triathlon Club Committee have been working hard to keep all our athletes amused, fit and healthy over the last 8 weeks with virtual competitions and training, and that looks set to continue for the next few weeks at least, however we are working on a plan to get back to actual physical competition as soon as local lockdown regulations allow, and above all when it is safe to do so.  Virtual competions will continue to be organised through May and June whilst we continue to...
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