Swim / Run Coastal challenge ( ÖTILLÖ style )

Date: 15th October 2017
Time: 13:00
Event: ÖTILLÖ Style swim / run in pairs
Location: North and West Coast bays and coast paths
Type: Swim / Run / Swim / Run..... (and repeat till finished)
Contact Name: Dan Armsden
Contact Email: danarmsden@gmail.com

Subject to confirmation at this time;

If you haven't heard of  ÖTILLÖ then google it ! 

Or watch here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyHLt5zSmLI 

Swim / Run / Swim / Run repeat in pairs, carrying all your kit and safety equipment start to finish, looking after one another along the way. Our Guernsey version will use the West Coast paths and bays, rounding some bays on foot and traversing some bays in the sea. 

Safety Kit must stay connected in Pairs - bungy / rope of approx 10 metres - wetsuit - swim caps - swim buoy / bobber - swim hand paddles permitted - mobile phone all to be carried.

Shore spotters will be needed. (volunteers please)

Please Note revised 13:00hrs start time. 12:00 Sign on and equipment check. 12:30 briefing

Outline Plan is to start at Pleinmont, near the moto-cross track. 

Run around Pleinmont Headland via Fairy Ring to Portelet bay on cliff paths and tracks to descend to Portelet at old Lifeboat path before Trinity Cottages.

Swim entry at Portelet Pier to exit at Fort Grey / Cup and Saucer slipway. circa 800 mtr (approx)

Run Fort Grey to L'eree North slipway on roadway.

Swim L'eree North slipway to exit on beach under Prosperity memorial car park - Lihou Headland c.400 mtr

Run Lihou Headland to Perelle - Southern slipway road from Prosperity car park, path passing L'eree Shingle Bank, footpath and road to Perelle

Swim Perelle South slipway to Perelle North slipway passing inside the centre pole c.800 mtr

Run / Scramble outer edge of Richmond Headland on shoreline to Vazon then continue to Albecq on coastal paths following the coast path nearest the sea around Fort Houmet (no short cuts, we will be watching)

Swim Cobo slipway at Le Guet to exit toward Chip shop slipway c.400 mtr

(Short Event Start Point 15:00hrs) Run Grandes Rocques to Port Soif using coast paths nearest the sea. (no short cuts, we will be watching)

Swim crossing Port Soif bay entrance headland to headland c.200 mtr

Run Port Soif main car park to Port Grat South pier (as above, except at Portinfer Shooting range IF there is shooting)

Swim Port Grat south Pier to Port Grat North c.400 mtr

Run Port Grat North to Rousse side of Port Grat near steps.

Swim Rousse pier to Ammarreurs Pier c.750 mtr

Run Ammareurs to Pembroke on coastal paths (coastal paths (or beach accross Ladies Bay), staying close to the sea, no short cuts on Tory Canyon / Chouet headland, avoiding shooting range if necessary)

Swim Pembroke gap in wall near normal transition, out around yellow buoy to finish at Green Hut slipway c. 200 mtr

Run to finish at Green Hut slipway where Coffee will likely be available. 

We will need entries for this event in advance. 

Organiser to be confirmed......




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