Swim / Run Ötillö style Adventure Race - West Coast Version

Date: 14th July 2019
Time: 15:00
Event: Swim / Run Adventure Race
Location: West Coast of Guernsey
Type: Adventure Race
Contact Name: Dan Armsden
Contact Email: danarmsden@gmail.com

Swim / Run adventure Race in pairs on Guernsey's West Coast beaches and Coastal paths

*** Please note start time now amended to TO BE CONFIRMED ***

West Coast Swimrun Info - Sunday 16th September:

Full Distance (start at 15:00):
- 8 swims (approx. 4km total) + 8 runs (approx. 21km total)
- Start at Pleinmont near the moto-X track, finish at Pembroke.

Half Distance (start at 16:30):
- 5 swims (approx. 2.5km total) + 5 runs (approx. 10km total)
- Start at Fort Hommet (Vazon), finish at Pembroke.

Cut-off time for both distances is 19:30 at Pembroke.... and I promise not to put the last buoy so far out this year. 

Instructions for the full and half course routes, plus mandatory kit and race rules can be obtained on the club Facebook page or by email from Dan Armsden.

To get an idea of numbers, please post the names on Facebook of you and your SwimRun partner, together with Full or Half for the distance, or again, email Dan.

As always, we need volunteers to make this work, so if you or anyone you know can help with any of the following please post on FB or email Dan.

* Kayakers / SUPers, not necessarily needed in the water, but to be able to react quickly from the shore. Ideally mobile with a vehicle if possible.
* Shore spotters
* Volunteers to man the aid stations and keep a log / time of all pairs passing each aid station.

Full race info may be found on this link;


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Ana Leaf Foundation


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