Swim / Run Ötillö style Adventure Race - South / East Coast Edition

Date: 6th October 2019
Time: 10:00
Event: Swim / Run Adventure race 2
Location: South and East Coast Bays
Type: Swim / Run in pairs, point to point race
Contact Name: Steve Roussel
Contact Phone No.: 07781 127048
Contact Email: steveroussel@cwgsy.net
Run Map: mapmyrun.com

New Swim / Run Ötillö syle adventure race in pairs on the South and East Coast of Guernsey. 

New and Challenging course (with half distance option). 

Start time 10:00am for full distance race from Le Gouffre and 11:30am for short event from Jerbourg. 

Entry on the club Facebook group or by email to Steve for those not on FB. 


South & East Coast Course




The course will have a few if any markings on the day, so please read through this information to get a good idea of the course and what to expect. The course starts in the car park at Le Gouffre and finishes at the light house at the end of Castle Cornet Breakwater.This is a swim heavy course compared with the West coast event with a total of 6 swims, 2 of which are 1,000m+ . 


Map My Run (Full Distance): https://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/fullscreen/2695405960/


Full Distance:

  • 7 runs (total run distance 10.4 km)
  • 6 swims ( total swim distance approx. 3850m)
  • Start at Le Gouffre Car Park, finish at the top of the slipway by Octopus restaurant.


Half Distance:

  • 4 runs (total run distance 2.8 km)
  • 3 swims ( total swim distance approx. 1800m)
  • Start at Jerbourg Car Park, finish at the top of the slipway by Octopus restaurant
  • To start 1.5 hr after the Full Distance start time.


This is Guernsey’s Otillo style SwimRun event raced in teams of 2 or 3, carrying all your kit and safety equipment from start to finish, looking after each other along the way. You will run and swim in the same equipment. This version will use the South & East coast cliff paths and bays.


Water Safety Cover:

This is very much a self-supported adventure style race, where you and your team-mate will be the first form of safety cover for each other. You will be connected during each swim. We will have a few people standing by from the shore or out on the water with a RIB, kayaks and SUPs as secondary cover. If you or your team-mate get into difficulty, please raise attention by waving your arms and blowing your whistle. The safety crew from the shore will then respond to you.



  1. You must race in pairs or in a team of three. 


  1. You must stay connected within 10m of your team-mate in the sea. 


  1. If your team-mate retires, you must also retire and inform the race coordinator by calling the phone number provided on the laminated course map (to be provided to you at registration).


  1. Each team must carry the following throughout the race:
    1. Bungee / rope - you must stay connected in pairs for every swim leg (optional for run legs) with a bungee / rope of max. 10 metres.
    2. Bright coloured swim caps (one each).
    3. Whistle (one each) - these must be accessible during each swim leg in order to alert a shore support team should you or your team-mate get into difficulty.


  1. Wetsuits (or neoprene shorts and tops) are mandatory. A basic shortie wetsuit works well.


Recommended Kit:

  • Mobile phone in a waterproof cover.
  • First aid kit.


Optional Kit:

  • Swim hand paddles.
  • Pull buoy (float between the legs).
  • Flippers (15cm max)
  • Swim Float


Food & Drink (Aid Station at Jerbourg):

You and your team-mate will be responsible for providing your own food and drink on the day. 


If you have someone following & supporting you during the race, they can carry your food & drink for you. Or bring some cash and enjoy a cuppa or ice cream at one of the kiosks along the way.


Otherwise please tape your gels/bars to bottles (or put them in small bags) and bring them with you to registration. Place your food & drink in the marked plastic bag at registration which will be taken to the aid station at Jerbourg for you.


Carry your rubbish to the nearest bin, any team found littering will be disqualified from the race. 

Course Details:

Run (1) Starting from La Gouffre, run along the cliff paths towards Petit Bot (approx. 2.8km)



Swim (1) from Petit Bot beach, swim close to the cliffs round to Le Jaonnet bay / ladder (approx. 1,100m)



Run (2) Climb the ladder at Le Jaonnet bay and follow the cliff paths past Icart car park (staying on the cliff paths), then go down the steps to Saints harbour (approx.2km)






Swim (2) from Saints Harbour (enter from the steps not slipway) swim to the slipway at Saints beach (approx 250m)



Run (3) from Saints bay, run up the road to just past the Saints Harbour road and then take the cliff path on the right. Continue along the cliff path around the headland and then take the steps down to Moulin Huet beach. (approx 1.5 km)



Swim (3) Swim from the beach at Moulin Huet keeping the cliffs on your left hand side and then in towards the steps at Petit Port









Run (4) Climb the Petit Port ‘Stairway To Heaven’ steps. At the top turn left onto the cliff path around the Jerbourg Headland to Jerbourg car park (opposite Jerbourg Hotel). Don’t cut through by the Auberge restaurant, stay on the cliff paths closest to the sea around Jerbourg headland. (Approx 1.7 km)





  • Aid Station - your drinks and food will be transported here for you.
  • The Half Distance Event starts here 1.5hr after the full distance start.


From Jerbourg car park, go down Jerbourg steps and follow the lower cliff paths round to Marble Bay. There are a number of potential wrong turns to take here, so if you get the chance to familiarise yourself with this section it would be worthwhile (approx. 1.0km)


Swim (4) from Marble Bay, swim around Bec de Nez then close to the cliffs to Fermain then turn into Fermain heading for the slipway on the beach (approx. 1000m swim)











Run (5) Run up the slipway and turn onto the path next to The Beach Café and the cliff path, after a short zig zag climb take a sharp right and then a second right down to the Fermain steps. (approx 0.35 km)



Swim (5) swim out of Fermain Bay and turn left, look out for the reef at the mouth of the bay, depending upon the tide you may be able to swim through it, if not keep it to your left. Once past the bay mouth swim along the coast with the cliffs on your left to Ozanne Steps (approx. 480m)



Run (6) Climb Ozanne Steps and turn right onto the cliff path, follow the cliff paths through the lower section of bluebell woods, turn right around Fort George battery onto the lower Fort George estate road, back onto the path to the Cows Horn and then take the steps down by the Aquarium and turn right to the Childrens pool (approx. 1.4km)





Swim (6)From Childrens Pool, swim around the Ladies Pool, Mens Pool and Horseshoe steps to the slipway just before Octopus Restaurant. (approx 340m)



Run (7) Run to the top of the ‘Octopus’ slipway (50m)





Finish Congratulations you have completed the ‘Stairway to Heaven’ Swimrun!

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