Reservoir Summer Duathlon

Date: 30th June 2019
Time: 08:00
Event: Reservoir Duathlon
Location: St Saviour Community Centre (TBC)
Type: Duathlon (Run / Bike / Run)
Contact Name: Mark Naftel
Contact Email:
Run Map:
Bike Map:


Another Classic favourite event returns, this time in a summer version. 

Based at the St Saviours Community Centre where we will have coffee and cake after the race (volunteers to bake please). 

Run - one loop of the Millenium walk clockwise, starting with the downhill start from Community centre, over the dam wall, follow the trail until you are back where you started at the bottom of the hill, run back up it....

Bike - two loops of the popular Reservoir circuit - St Saviours Church, Les Prevosts Road, Little Chapel, Last Post, St Andrews Church, Talbot Valley, Kings Mills, Dos D'ane, Mont Saint, up the hill pass the dam back to community centre - Repeat. 

Run - same as run one, but reverse direction around Millenium trail. 

Finish / tea / cake. 

Any volunteers to assist on the day would be welcomed. 

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Ana Leaf Foundation


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