Early Summer Duathlon - Reservoir Circuit

Date: 24th June 2018
Time: 08:00
Event: Early Summer Duathlon- Reservoir
Location: St Saviour Community Centre
Type: Duathlon (Run / Bike / Run)
Run Map: mapmyrun.com
Bike Map: mapmyrun.com

By popular demand a Summer Duathlon. 

Normally a winter sport for Guernsey Tri we thought we’d try a Summer Duathlon to see how it is received.

Now confirmed based at St Saviour Community Centre this event will follow the familiar and popular route we have used for many winter events, but with (hopefully) no mud to hamper the run. 

First run from St Saviour Community Centre down to cross the dam wall and follow the Millenium trail anti-clockwise, before returning to the Community Centre from the bottom of Mont Variouf. 

Bike leg follows the main roads passing St Saviours church, Little Chapel, Last Post, Talbot Valley, Kings Mills and Dos D'ane before passing Mont Saint Garage climbing to pass the dam and up Mont Variouf (two laps). 

Run number two down the hill, turning left into the Millenium trail this time clockwise (opposite direction) with a nice uphill sprint finish. 

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Ana Leaf Foundation


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