About Guernsey Tri Club

Some may have lots of fancy kit, but we are a friendly bunch. Our events are open to everyone, no matter what standard or level of fitness you are, will always be made to feel welcome. 

Club Coaching and Providers

Feel free to join us on any of our training sessions, if the set times don't suit you, then visit our Facebook Page, there will always be a friendly face to keep you company!


Friday sea swimming starts in May. Also swimming group lessons at Beau Sejour, contact Beau Sejour Swim school for details.

There are many other Ad Hoc training sessions taking place across all three disciplines, perhaps join the club Facebook group (closed group) to discover more about these. 


There are many groups on the island  that meet up and cycle at various times of the week. We recommend you post on our Facebook Page. There is always a friendly Guernsey Tri Club member out on the road, happy to have company.  Guernsey Tri Club Facebook Page


We join the GIAAC for running training. Please look at their website to find out when and where they meet. Friendly and inclusive Sessions for all abilities.


Coached Sessions and Triathlon Coaches


WeStrive offers triathlon training for groups and individuals, adults and juniors. Each week we deliver coached running, swimming, strength & conditioning sessions as well as group rides. See our website for details.


All of our sessions focus on developing technique, fitness and confidence in the water, on the bike and in your trainers. Our coaches are Sports Massage Therapists, Age Group Triathletes, S&C specialists and British Triathlon and Kinetic Revolution qualified coaches. We work with all ability adults and children, from complete novices to performance athletes hungry to race.


We have built a successful Swim Fit program for children aged 5+, juniors aged 13+ and adults aged 18+ and focus on building efficient technique for triathlon and open water swimming.


Our run sessions use Kinetic Revolution methods to build stronger runners, and our triathlon coaching plans are tailored to individuals and their performance goals.

 If you are looking for  help with training for an upcoming event we also offer personalise training plans, delivered by Guernsey leading female triathlete Amy Critchlow.

Whether you're looking for a swim, bike, run training and technique development with a group, or you're looking for more formal training with a performance coach, get in touch or feel free to trial one of our sessions for free.



Tri Fitness Triathlon and Swim Smooth Guernsey provide Triathlon Training & Triathlon Specific Swim Coaching in an all inclusive squad training environment.

Specialising in developing triathletes building to Half Ironman & Ironman Distance events, Coaches Russ Smith and Paul De Garis, both GTC members, welcome you to come and join an all inclusive, friendly triathlon training squad here in Guernsey. Your 1st Week is always free of charge as we like to welcome you and make sure our squad training is for you. Just email russ@3fit.co.uk to book your introductory week and start as soon as you are ready.

Swim Smooth Guernsey specialises in developing triathletes to come out of the water feeling strong, energised and ready for the bike and run. High focus on technique improvement, speed and endurance work with a choice of 8 squad training sessions every week will see your swim speed increase and you're your time in the water reduce dramatically. Your can claim your 1st Session FREE by CLICKING HERE. Happy Swimming! 



ENTIRE has been set up as a platform to help athletes achieve their goals, no matter what discipline, event or standard. Entire is lead by Guernsey's Commonwealth Games Triathlete Josh Lewis. 


Here at ENTIRE we are devoted to improving the performance of any triathlon specific discipline. This ranges from triathlon coaching involving all three disciplines, to each discipline individually. Our services bring a new form of highly analytical scientific coaching to clients. We strive to equip athletes with the tools to facilitate the greatest possible improvements in performance whether this be through physiological, psychological or equipment improvements. 


As Commonwealth Games athletes, we have the experience of applying the knowledge from scientific literature and focusing on the details to enable success in multiple disciplines. As professional triathletes we understand the human physiology through both practical and academic experience, allowing us to assist both recreational and world-class athletes. For more information visit: EntirePC





Club Sponsorship

Ana Leaf Foundation


To view the club constitution click here

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To download a copy of Guernsey Triathlon Club LBG 

 memorandum and articles of incorporation click here

The History of the Guernsey Triathlon Club


We have two versions of how the club was formed. In Guernsey (it sometimes takes us a while to catch on) a similar group of athletes had heard about the new sport of Triathlon which was now spreading around the globe. A few local individuals had travelled to events in the U.K. and taken part in 'challenge' events between themselves.


The official version is this …… In 1987 a group of 12 local Police Officers decided to put on a Triathlon event to raise money for charity. In October of that year the first organised event was held at Beau Sejour Leisure center, with the local Officers swimming 1000 metres in the pool, Cycling around the island coast road (about 24 miles) and running 6 miles, in the process raising several thousand pounds and the profile of the sport in Guernsey. On the back of this successful event a meeting was held at Beau Sejour a couple of months later, attended by about 40 people, the decision was made from there to form the Guernsey Triathlon Club.


The second version was sent from Tony Veilliard who had a slightly different memory of how the club was formed.


"My memory of the forming of the Guernsey Triathlon club is different from that on your website. There were 6 of us from Guernsey who went over Guernsey who went over to Jersey to compete in the Jersey triathlon in1987: The late Patrick Read, Martyn Baudins (who was a policeman), Bob Duquemin, Steve Taylor, Tony Veillard (me) and another whose name I cannotremember but he was from Scandanavia. (Bob and I had competed in the 1986Jersey On the boat on the way back we discussed forming a Guernsey Triathlon club and on the back of that we organised a meeting with that intention which was held in the upstairs bar at Beau Sejour. The first committee was appointed of which Pat was president, Martyn was Secretary and I was Treasurer and Bob was a committee member.”


We like both versions! What we do know for a fact is that we are grateful to the original gang as since 1988 the Guernsey Triathlon Club the club has grown and thrived. We now have a full calendar of events, currently running a Winter Duathlon Series, a pool based 'Novice' Triathlon and a Summer Triathlon Series as well as the popular biannual Guernsey Granite Man 1/2 Iron distance event.


Triathletes from Guernsey have raced in countries all around the world, at all levels, from complete beginer, to World Championships, from the smallest events, right up to ironman. Like most sports clubs the number of members fluctuates, but at present there is a strong pool of interest. Long may it continue...


GTC Constitution & General Rules

1. The object of the Club is to promote and encourage the sport of triathlon through:

2. providing an environment in which people can meet to train for and compete in triathlons, duathlons and multi-sport events     irrespective of age, ability and sex, and by organising regular competitions;

3. maintaining a club register whereby members can contact training companions;

4. providing access to specialist advice in all aspect of the sport;

5. developing membership of the Club, and

6. organising social events to benefit the Club and encourage an atmosphere in which people of similar ideals and interests can     meet to discuss any aspect of the sport.